Shakespeare said; all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players, and some of us might have taken that in, too literally. The degree of illegal mining in all parts of Africa and the extent of deforestation in the far corners of Indonesia sends in the same exact message. Some of us seem to be playing with the life of each child, man and woman and the earth as a whole. So today is a day good as any to make the real switch. Introduce solar powered, self-consuming energy systems at your home or business and you will not only help yourself but be giving the children of a tomorrow a chance to experience the same wonderful things we did as children and giving the m a shot at sustainable life!


The batteries that power our system, the Aquion’s saltwater battery and the lithium battery for solar power systems are considered the safest, and most environmentally-friendly batteries available, and they are not too rough on the pocket.

Lithium batteries for the solar panel systems are independent devices that has an inbuilt protective system in place to eradicate the proberbility of damages at its charge station or while providing power to your home. Our modules come with a life span of over 10 years and will fit right next to your home’s meter box. They require very low upkeep and maintenance d steadfast in terms of charging.Solar panels create the most energy when the sun is up and unfortunately that is when you are most likely not at home. With a conventional solar panel system this would mean you would have to buy back electricity from the grid when your consumption is at its highest, which is during the night. Our system has the capacity to store in the solar power for later use. Specifically for the night time, thereby overcoming a drawback which existed in the typical solar panel system.

Victron inverters are off-grid battery inverters designed to operate as the energy converter for a small off-grid power systems. It is the vital part of our product which quite obviously converts the direct current received from the solar array into AC (altering current) which is appropriate for ordinary household needs. In a nutshell, if your consumption of electricity is moderate your home would be an independent, self-consumption energy systemsThe last but not the least, make the switch because it is the right thing to do. Right thing for you, your family and all the other family that has dreams and desires just like you do. Do right by this beautiful planet and its nature bestowed upon you.