Things To Consider Before Choosing A Baby Formula

To feed your baby, breast feeding is the best option and it is indispensable also. Doctors always recommend this and advice that it should be the first and foremost choice of every mother. But by six months babies have been acquainted with formula either partially or fully. New mothers often get confused by the wrong information of formula. By feeding your baby on formula, you are able to know how much your baby has actually fed. There are many brands available in the market to overwhelm you but hardly any differences are there among them.
A few things need to consider before choosing baby milk.

  • Choosing the right infant formula
    Basically, brands offering formula feeding milk provide cow milk as babies take these types of formulas very well. Moreover, they are much cheaper. Remember it has many additives. To meet your baby’s nutritional needs extra vitamins and iron are added.If your baby is having a gas problem or having rashes on consuming cow milk based infant formula then you could switch to soy milk. But before switching you need to talk to the paediatrician.
  • Three types of baby formulas are available – milk based, soy based and speciality baby formula. So, accordingly you can choose the formula.
    • Gold varieties
      Breast milk has some fatty acids which help in the brain development along with the eyes and other body parts. These fatty acids are present in the gold varieties, but are not found in the regular one. Hence the benefits of vision, growth of body and brain are lacking.
    • Age factors
      You need to choose the organic baby formula according to your baby’s age.From birth to 1 year of age you can give the starter, new born or the step-1 formulas.
      From 6 months to 1 year of age you can give progress, follow on or step-2 formulas.
      Babies of 6 months and above need different nutrition. So their formulas have more protein and iron, and different amounts of vitamins and minerals, compared to early infant formulas.
    • Special formula
      This formula is needed by babies having medical concerns or issues. Normally they cannot resist cow milk based formula, hence need this formula. It is only available on doctor’s prescription.
    • Symptoms of allergy
      If your baby is allergic then after consuming the regular milk you will notice it. Consult your paediatrician and give your baby the special formula accordingly.

If you are switching from one brand to another then you need to keep an eye on the number of scoops. You must also know that there could be a stool change when you are starting or changing any formula.

To conclude, you can always give your baby the formulas. Talk to your paediatrician if any problem persists. But remember that breast milk is best for your little one.