Things You Can Do To Prevent Stairway Accidents

One of most common places for accidents to take place in a house is the stairway. Especially when you have kids or elderly persons the chances for these to be more frequent is high. Therefore, preventing them before they occur is given. Here are some things you can do so to avoid these.

Check safety standards

Regardless of the design you are constructing your outdoor merbau stairs to you need to make sure that they comply with safety standards. Although there may not be certain specifics essentially mentioned, you can always do your own research and find standards that you need to comply with. This way you are able to minimize the chances of any sort of accidents from taking place.

Keep it clear

While the bottom of the staircase kits or pre assembled stairs may be designed in a way where you are able to store stuff, make sure that the stairs in itself doesn’t have room taken up to store stuff on the corner. Even if you do limit it to an object that doesn’t take up much space. In addition to that, develop a habit of not throwing your clothes and whatnot on the railings on the stairs. These may get tangled and become a cause for some accident or the other.

Paint the edges in a different shade

Painting the edges of your stairs in a different shade is another essential factor you need to pay attention to when trying to uplift the safety factor in a stairway. The reason for this is because, when it is painted in the same shade there is a chance that someone may mistakenly assume that they have extra space to go down the stairs with two or three people along with him or her. And once he loses his step at some point the damage would be ugly! So to highlight the edges with a darker shade of the same colour or use a different kind.

Attach treads

Treads at the edge of each stair provides a grip for those climbing down. Thus minimizing the chances of slipping straight down. So either you cover the entire stair with carpeting or fit in treads made of aluminium or any other material, at the edges.


Handrails are an important of guaranteeing the safety of a stairway. If your stairway is one that isn’t closely built next to a wall that could be held as a grip, make sure that you fit in railings on both sides of the stairway. These prevent the chances for accidents and allows climbing up and down much easier! Incorporate the above details in to your stairway and guarantee its safety to all!