The Importance Of Fonts For Signs

Selecting the right kind of typography is quite important when creating printed advertising or signage. Most importantly the fonts, colours or themes that are chosen should at least be coordinated with each other or display a central theme. While most people might be tempted to use complicated, flowing fonts for signs, it should be readable and simple to understand. Using a mixture of different fonts can also look out of place and mismatched which would look less professional too. If you are hiring a graphic designer or working with one on your team – do take their professional advice into account as well.

Avoid Overly Complicated Font It is understandable that standing out from the competition is important, but when it comes to selecting fonts – it is better to keep things simple and readable as mentioned earlier. If the sign is to be viewed from a distance, an illegible font will be hard to read and might not attract potential customers too. Sometimes simple, bold fonts with a more modern clean style would create a better impression.

Paying Attention To Typeface This refers to fonts that are part of the same typeface such as Sans Serif style fonts that can work together – generally using many different types of fonts will make coreflute signage at  NewImage Signs & Designs Pty Ltd look messy. Script or cursive font is better when not over-used and grouped together and are mostly used for things like invitations or menus and are best avoided for larger signs. Novelty types of fonts are quite fancy and can be used sparingly on signs, but as a permanent fixture and they are not versatile. To learn more about the different kinds of fonts that are suitable, you can refer to some excellent resources that are available online.

The Impression To Be Made What kind of business do you have? What image are you trying to portray? While selecting a font is not as complicated as selecting logo or artwork for advertising – still giving a professional impression is important. For example, there is world of a difference on the kinds on fonts that would be used on advertising on real estate for lease signs and buildings.

Appropriate And Versatile Font The types of fonts that are usually selected should be versatile and suit the nature of the business too. A versatile or neutral font can be matched easily when creating other kinds of advertising material for other business ventures as well. The right kind of font will make a sign look professional and polished, and the layout will be much cleaner and organised as well.