How To Increase Your Home Security?

Burglars are becoming more prevalent these days and so it is vital to keep your home security up to date. Even bars in the window are no longer effective against burglars as they can simply cut their way through it. Now, I don’t mean that you have to turn your house into a fortress or that you should install expensive CCTV cameras, there are simpler and inexpensive ways to step up the security and make it a bit more difficult for burglars to gain entry into your house or at least make it look like it is tough to gain entry, they usually get discouraged if it seems like a lot of work to get through.

1. Use mortice locks

These locks are practically impossible to break open since the locks are fitted inside the door and contain a lot of notches and leaver, rendering almost impossible to pick open. Ensure that all your doors and windows are fitted with a complex lock, if your windows don’t have a lock, you can try installing a new one. Furthermore, ensure that one can’t look inside your house through the window, this can actually give your thief an idea about the makeup of the house and what it constitutes of that’s worthy of being stolen. Use drapes and tinted glasses to keep the windows covered at all times.

2. secure entry points from outside

Your house encompasses the entire property, this includes the garage too. This is sometimes the most overlooked part of the house, so if the thief finds that gaining entry through a window or door is not possible, they will move onto the garage. It’s easy to forget to close it and leave it open, one obvious solution to this issue is to double check that the garage door is always closed. Another effective way is to install an automatic garage doors Perth or an automatic timer to the garage so that your door can close once you’ve left the place.

3. Fix repairs

Damaged doors and windows are definitely going to work in favor of the burglar if left untreated. Get them inspected immediately, this includes garage doors too. In garage door repairs and doors are inexpensive so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot on it. The quicker you get it checked, the better it is, otherwise, what’s the use of having a good secure door if they don’t work as it’s supposed to.Finally, prepare yourself for these types of incidents, prep yourself ahead by keeping excess cash and jewels in the home or bank locker so that you won’t lose a lot even if someone manages to break into your house.