Choosing The Right Invitations To Match Your Occasion

We celebrate different events in life such as weddings, birthdays, engagements and many other milestones. Therefore, selecting an invitation could be really confusing at times. You should always pay attention to what occasion you need to design the invitation. Roughly, it might seem like that all invitation cards are the same, but there are suitable cards for different occasions. The design of the card you select determines the mood and the theme of the event. Therefore, the design you choose for a wedding invitation might not be suitable for a birthday invitation. In instance, in wedding invitations you need to stick to a certain criteria and usually it won’t include the best wedding menus in the invitation, but for a birthday or any other party invitation there is no such rule as not to include the menu.

What are the basic dissimilarities between different invitation cards?

Most of the information which should be included in cards are the same, but there are slight differences in each type of invitations. When it comes to wedding and engagement/birthday party cards it appears to be a bit different. In weeding cards you should not include different pictures, quotations or emoji’s but you are free to use any of those in engagement/birthday party cards. For birthday cards, if it is a birthday of a child or a young adult usually different colors are used along with pictures but of it is a birthday celebration of a senior citizen the design of the card might not contain different colors. Usually card which are made for adult birthdays are black and white invitations or they use a couple of colors with some simple design. Then on the other hand there are invitations which are sent for dinner parties, housewarming parties and baby showers. These type of cards are also known as DIY cards. The reason is that you don’t have to find some professional to make these cards. You, yourself and make them because there are no hard and fast rules. However, make sure to clearly mention the date, time, venue and dress code if necessary.

Why invitations are important

The main importance of sending the perfect save the date cards is to give clear details about the events to the guests. Therefore, the invitation should contain all the important details about the event. Invitations also set the tone for the event. From the design and colors you use the guest gets the overall tone of the event, and this could also build anticipation of the guests. Invitations can be sent online; nut cards are always memorable.