Applications Of Asphalt

Asphalt is usually colored black and brown and the material resembles that of pure petroleum, the consistency of the material can be varying from that of the solid to liquid. It is mainly made up of elements such as hydrogen, carbon and also some amounts of oxygen followed by sulfur and nitrogen.

The materials made of Asphalt have been used throughout the world, mainly in highway and driveways construction. The reason why this is a popular choice is because of the strength it provides for both runways and taxiways. During the historical times, the asphalt was instrumental in avoiding water from seeping through the walls of the dam reservoirs. As a result, it finds applications in marine and to line the sea works as well. Along with this, it is also used as a spray membrane and for the coating on the roof.

The asphalt which is porous has been developed in the 20th century and since then has been a great choice for the material surfacing. The market has also seen a lot of professional asphalt contractors coming up. The benefit of using this material is mainly the draining capabilities that it provides, and the noise generation has also been reduced significantly. That is, it has been found that the noise levels have been reduced by around 5 decibels, and this matter a lot in high – traffic roadways. As a result, it is extremely popular in big cities and it benefits the locals living there.The emulsions from this material have been used for application on the pavements. That is, it can be used for both correction and prevention, and for making the bases strong, for building pavements that are sturdy and to enable the recycling of the pavements that are completely worn out. Do note that, this happens in a complete environment-friendly way.

Tack coats

The tack coats are an application involving the spraying of asphalt and this is known to increase the life and strength of the roads and pavements in an economic manner. This happens by the process of the strengthening of the bond between the layers of the pavement and this; the structural strength is known to increase.

Chip seals

These are the treatments designed to prolong the pavement life and its protection. It is ideal for pavements with surface texture lost. Its benefits include waterproofing, sealing of small cracks, enriching hardened and oxidized asphalt and providing low-cost preventive maintenance.

Various types of asphalt are available and can be used for different constructions.

Rolled asphalt

It is a common type which is used for the construction of roads. At times aggregates are mixed to create hybrid or concrete asphalt. America has about 4000 asphalt plants.

Mastic asphalt

It is dense as compared to rolled asphalt. It has a higher base of 10%. It is used in building and waterproofing. It works as an excellent waterproofing agent for the flat roofs and underground tank storage.