A Guide To Engagement Rings

The four Cs are very important when it comes to engagement – carat, colour, clarity and cut. Each of these is very important, as it will define the type of ring that your soon to be fiancée will be wearing. Here is a guide to all types of stoned or custom engagement rings Adelaidewhich will ensure that you will not go wrong when making the decision to purchase.


The colours of diamonds are usually graded from a scale of Z to D where Z stands for light yellow and D stands for colourless. Colourless diamonds are the most famous purchases. Sometimes there are exceptions such as red or green diamonds and therefore do not fall on the scale. However, if you are looking for colour diamonds then you can select from pink, yellow and blue.


The word cut does not refer to the shape of the stone. Cut means the way that the stone has been cut to make it sparkle more whether it is shallow or deep. If it is a very good cut diamond then it will have a bright and natural shine, which can reflect light externally and internally.


The imperfections and the inclusions that the stone contains are called clarity. It can only be seen through a magnifying glass, which will show each and every feature of the diamond that it went through to become a diamond when it was in the earth’s crust.


Carat defines the term of how heavy the stone or stones are. This is one way that the value of the ring can be measured. Higher the carat higher the cost of the jewellery. It can be applied to even other stones even if they are opal earrings or an emerald bracelet.

Different shapes of stones

Solitaire – This is when the stone or diamond is set along the ring.

Multi stone – This is when there is a large centre stone and two smaller ones or a few large stones are placed side by side on a simple ring. The stones are usually matched. You can pair it up with two diamonds and an emerald or a central diamond with two sapphires.

Cluster – This is where the stones are arranged in such a way so that it forms shapes such as stars, flowers or other geometric shapes. There are a few types of settings for the rings as well such as claw, tension, bezel, channel and gypsy. There are also a few types of cuts for diamonds such as radiant, marquise, cushion, emerald, asscher, round, princess, heart, pear, oval, cabochon and rose. So do your own little bit of research about engagement rings before making the purchase.