The Advantages Of Implementing BAS

BAS is becoming a standard inclusion of just about any building, but commercial buildings continue to possess the latest and most-advanced forms of these management systems. If you are honestly debating the need to spend on installing a BAS for your company, why not read some of the many advantages they boast? Read on below!

  • Cuts down utility costs – a good building automation  system can easily cut down anywhere from five to thirty percent of a company’s utility expenses. The savings are largely related to air conditioning and lighting, two of the systems that usually are the most inappropriately used. By ensuring that only the necessary rooms and areas have lighting or air conditioning, a good BAS is capable of maximizing the energy efficiency of a building and thereby reducing the expenses on utilities (and in turn, cutting down overhead costs for more competitive services or products).
  • Lesser environmental impact – there are specialized BAS that are involved exclusively in improving the energy efficiency of a building and thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the company. Known as the Energy Management Systems (EMS), this subtype of BAS especially focuses on reducing energy usage efficiently. A reduction in the use of fossil-fuel powered electricity, as well as smart technologies that optimize the use of green technologies can easily reduce the environmental impact the company makes.
  • Better security – a BAS is also involved in maintaining and improving the security systems of a company. The BAS can easily link up with security solutions such as CCTV cameras, intercoms, lock systems, etc. to ensure that certain areas of the company can be accessed only by the higher-ranked employees, and also to fully lock down the company after closing hours. Furthermore, this is not only limited to security in terms of theft and burglary, but it also extends to security from fire hazards and the like. For example, a BAS that keeps control of refrigeration systems will make use of one the many different types of refrigerant leak detectors for sale to ensure that the refrigeration system is not leaking and is fully functional.
  • Easier maintenance processes – a BAS can easily link up every device and system of a company and thereby allow access to each system from a single convenient place. This is not limited to just a single building, but to many buildings, even if they may be at a distance from each other. And the average BAS is capable of keeping track of the health of every individual device in these buildings. What this basically means is that there is no need to perform frequent maintenance checks on each device and sector of the building, and in instances where any issues or problems arise, it is easier to pinpoint the exact device and location experiencing issues. For more information, please log on to